The evolution of the flour industry thanks to the machining of cylinders for milling

He flour market, is a market that has been around for a long time, and although its growth was popularized in past centuries, its true boom was in the middle of the 20th century. It is at this moment, when production elements began to be improved for milling. Thank you different cylinder machining processes already the finishes that are achieved, flour industry goes much further than we can imagine, that's why today we tell you a little about that, and we'll talk to you about the evolution of the flour industry thanks to the machining of cylinders.

The first forms of milling

The early forms of milling known, consisted of two stones, which through friction they threshed the wheat to break itoy form the flour. Really this method is exactly the same as that used today in mills. only now the process that surrounds this mechanism is something more complex.

On America is where they started to perform more advanced systems. This arises when they realize that the system works well, but the force was the one involved the problem. The manual work that required grinding, it was really inhuman. In the New York City, in 1626 appears andhe first horse-powered wheat mill. And it is at this moment, where the flour industry begins to evolve.

flour industry thanks to the machining of cylinders for milling

The quality of the flour begins to improve

After the arrival of the industrial Revolution, they start to sit the bases of the milling that we know today. Manual work is no longer so demanding, and they add tools to the grinding process. But the quality of the flour begins to worry, since, despite the improvements, is very complicated to separate the flour from the bran, because the tools that had practically They pulverized the grain. In addition to this the germ was crushed, and for this reason the flour went rancid faster.

Faced with these problems the sasor arose, a solution that included, oscillating sieves, a air stream and a second grinding. These small additions, converted the result in a flour with more gluten, finer and of better quality. And with this big step, comes from hungary the use of cylinders for grindingall this takes place around 1870. And it begins to expand world milling.

The flour industry thanks to the machining of cylinders

The flour production and quality improvement of it begins to become popular. Products with flour, cereals, whole grains and bran of all kinds are they start selling. And with the arrival of the 21st century, the food industry begins to grow more and more, demanding new textures, flavors and experiencing and requesting of immediate way almost impossible things.

On Mediavilla workshops are specialists in cylinder machining, in fluted and matt for to be able to always give our customers the grain according to their needs. And it has been thanks to all this evolution that we have taken into account, and of course to the 100 years of experience what we take to our back.

Mediavilla workshops in continuous improvement

Us we keep fighting for improve day by day and always have a progress in our products. That is why we do not hesitate to listen to suggestions, offer solutions and always train us in everything that is related to our field. We are a team of experienced professionals, but it is necessary to always be up to date to be able to give the 100% in everything we do.


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