The differences between matting and scoring of cylinders

Within our specialties in Mediavilla workshops, there is the grooving and matting of specialized cylinders for grinding. Due to our years of experience in the sector and to the constant training we receive, we are always aware of the best technologies to make a process designed and adjusted to what the client requests, so that you can always have a optimal result assured. Among the things we offer is the matting and scoring of cylinders, which are two very similar functions, but precisely for that reason today we come to explain to you what they are similar and what they are not. We will tell you the differences between matting and cylinder grooving.

Cylinder matting

The matted cylinders are made using a centrifugal casting method, in which a mold capable of rotating on its own axis is placed, which maintains the heavy metal attached to the walls of the same. In this way a heavy metal cylinder wall is formed and subsequently the layer is made of a lighter metal, which is the one that is killed according to the client's taste, and has the absolute objectiverber lI hit you and give the chosen shape and size to the grain protagonist of the milling process.

For him matting and the realization of the cylinders of this specialty, you can use a double matting gun so that the process is faster and cleaner. A cyclonic filter, which is a solution more modern that allows to separate the grains by size and make a cleaner and more uniform flour. This process is part of the differences between matting and scoring of cylinders.

differences between matting and scoring of cylinders

Roll grooving and why it's different from matting

On the other hand, we have the cylinder grooving, that in the beginning it is made in a similar way to matting of the same elements so important for the milling industry. But in the striatum process you have to be much more precise, much more detailed, take into account many more factors and start up other types of tools that require certain specific knowledge.

The flute materials have to be designed to withstand all kinds of movement and all kinds of constant pressure, and aim to achieve a perfectly matched gear set for have the proper form that the client requests.

For this, use specific programs for exact measurements automatic spline, for not give room to commit nno kind of mistake, since precision is the key to working on this cylinder process.

The differences between matting and scoring of cylinders

On Mediavilla workshops we always like work with maximum precision and give the client everything they ask for on boardor with the perfection that our means allow us, but if there is one main difference between scoring and matting of cylinders, This is the precision of the roughness or groove that is made on the piece.

Well it is true that both processes are aimed at being part of the milling process and differ in the result of the grain, but one has a few very precise and measurable objectives while another not so much. Despite that, for us they are very similar processes, because thanks to the experience we have, we contribute our knowledge always in both fields, to achieve a versatile work profile and a perfect result from all aspects. Always doing the grain in the measure, texture and size that the client asks for it, with the utmost precision.


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