What are the cylinder machining processes and what is done in each one

On Mediavilla workshops we have been experts since 1912 in the machining of cylinders for grinding. Our facilities have all kinds of machinery necessary to carry out a correct machining of these very fundamental parts for the milling industry. But there is various processes that we implement with which different types of results can be achieved on the cylinders. That's why we tell you a little more about us and We discuss in this article what are the cylinder machining processes and what is done in each one in our workshops.

Cylinder machining processes for grinding

Cylinder grooving

He cylinder grooving is one of the functions that requires more precision and observation within the milling industry. It is very important for this type of function to have the suitable machinery to be able to carry out precise work and achieve a texture on the outside of the cylinder that adapts perfectly to the objectives set by the client.

East fluted is what will give the cylinder its fundamental conditions to carry out the grinding process one way or another. It is also necessary, in addition to industrial physical machinery, precision software so that the cylinders pass the sieve without any error. In Mediavilla workshops we use a system optical fluting test, a digital vision system that focuses on the observation and refinement of the stretch mark, so that it is fail-safe.


The matting of cylinders is a machining process as fundamental as the grooving of the same, because depending on the needs that the cylinder is going to solve, it must have one or another roughness and texture to give the grain the agreed way.

The matting of cylinders is carried out in the manufacturing process of the same, where a centrifugal casting method is launched to shape them. The axis is located in the center and the mold rotates around it to shape the molten metal that will be the body of the cylinder. Once the first metal layer, dense and heavy, a thinner and smoother layer is added that has the function of absorb shocks and it will be the one that is striated, matted or smooth depending on the cylinder that is being machined.

Once this process has been carried out and passed through the revision and precision systems, the cylinder will be ready for its grinding function.

grinding cylinder machining processes

Reconditioning and grinding

In this case we also talk about machining, but on cylinders already used. That is, in general we take the cylinder machining process as the succession of functions to shape a raw material and that it has, in our case, the shape of a milling cylinder with the necessary characteristics to provide the grain with one or another required shape.

But in Mediavilla workshops we are also dedicated to re-conditioning, rectified Y repaired cylinders. Making all our industrial and human team available to the client to fix, solve or reuse parts with some type of defect that prevents their correct use.

In this way we not only give a second life to the cylinders, but also save big production cost, raw material and allows a circular flow in the use of machinery, feeding back the production chain based on the industrial needs that arise in the sector.

Our experience in the cylinder machining process

On Talleres Mediavilla we are experts in grinding cylindersTherefore, whatever the process you need to carry out in this area, we invite you to contact us to always ensure the best of the results from stroke of professionalism. Do not hesitate to contact and we will put everything our team at your complete disposal.


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